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Nutrition Plans

Eat Smarter, Not Less

Making smart food choices is an underrated method of achieving and maintaining good mental and physical health and accomplishing your fitness goals. Food is fuel, and when you eat well, you'll feel great. This makes it much easier to stay motivated and stick to your goals! Well planned, well timed and consistent meals do not have to be complicated or restrictive and our plans take almost all of the work out of making smart food choices! We'll design a personalized nutrition plan that is tailored to your goals, schedule, lifestyle, and food preferences. 

  • Custom nutrition plans take into account your health profile, level of physical activity, age, food preferences, dietary restrictions, work schedule, and much more, to ensure it will work for you! 

  • No calorie counting necessary -  we've already done the work for you!


  • Consistent but non-restrictive daily meals to make it easy to prep for the week.

  • Almost all foods can be prepped in bulk so you can just grab and go! 


  • Meals are simple and easy to prepare - no need to be a master chef!

  • All meal plans come with our recipe guide and you can absolutely create your own delicious recipes as well! 

  • Meal plans change on our recommended schedule to ensure consistent progress without getting bored with your meals.

  • Regular check-ins to ensure the plan continues to work for you and your unique goals. 

  • No crash diets! We believe in steady and sustainable progress that will last! 

  • 3 month minimum commitment. 

  • Can be combined with any of our training and coaches packages for a reduced price. 

Meal Prep

Live in the North Bay area and want healthy, delicious meals prepared for you? We create meals based on your goals, dietary restrictions, food preferences, and more. Pickup/delivery twice per week. Price per meal depends on individual food preferences/portion sizes and typically ranges from $12.50-15.00 per meal. All meals include nutritional information (total calories, macronutrient breakdown) and will contain a balance of lean protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. 

Some examples of past meals are below! Hover over the images to see what each meal was!

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